Why Donate


Because it seeks to advance the values upheld by the historian and political activist C. Desmond Greaves (1913-1988) by means of publications, public meetings and political and media lobbying, and in particular: 

1.        To defend the proposition that the Nation State is the principal locus of political democracy in the modern world and to contribute to the development of an international movement in defence of national democracy – national democracy and national independence being the necessary basis of any governmental policy programme, whether Left, Right or Centre, that can genuinely advance people’s welfare and achieve sensible environmental objectives;

2.        To oppose the European Union as an assault on the national democracy and independence of the peoples of Europe and as undermining the social cohesion of Europe’s Nation States in the interest of Transnational High Finance and Corporate Capital and Franco-German political domination;

3.        To uphold the proposition that reunification of Ireland by the consent of a Northern Ireland majority is in the common interest of the peoples of Ireland and of Britain and that this objective should be advanced by the respective governments working together to this end.

It is run entirely by voluntary labour. The website is the responsibility of the Committee of the Annual Desmond Greaves Weekend Summer School in Dublin, whose members’ names are listed below.

Its editor is Anthony Coughlan, Professor Emeritus in Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin, who is Desmond Greaves’s literary executor and who, like Greaves, has been a lifelong opponent of the European Union and supranational integration on democratic grounds.  Details of Anthony Coughlan’s work in opposing the EU in Ireland’s nine EU-related constitutional referendums may be found in his Biographical Notes in the “Cognate Articles” section of this website.

Donations should be made by cheque, money order or online to the Desmond Greaves Summer School and Archive Website and sent to Anthony Coughlan, Website Editor, 24 Crawford Avenue, Dublin D09 C6E8.

Donations received will be acknowledged and details of how they will be used to advance one or other of the above three objectives will be sent to donors.

The members of the Greaves Summer School Committee for 2024-25 are Kevin McCorry (School Director), Owen Bennett, Michael Carty, Anthony Coughlan, Eddie Cowman, Dr Karen Devine, Frank Keoghan, Patricia McKenna, Dr Ruan O’Donnell, Cathal Ó Murchú, Mick O’Reilly, Mary Quigley and Dr Michael Quinn.